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Strategic analyses



METAFOR creates texts and communication concepts, and provides solutions that integrate content, design and user experience with media platforms, creating an expression that is aesthetic, challenging and reinforces the internal and external communication in organizations and companies. This is approached through an analysis, followed by a creative process that leaves room for innovation, taking into account the context, objective, values and users. The solution is always created in close collaboration with the customer.

METAFOR develops communication strategies, concepts, interaction design and content used for print and digital media. Additionally, METAFOR keeps courses and teach about writing and design processes. METAFOR facilitates micro companies – entrepreneurs as well as veterans. METAFOR is run by Pia Jønsson.



& analysis

METAFOR facilitates companies and organizations developing a cross media communication strategy based on a qualitative analysis of business strategic goals, values, visions and communication objectives. The strategy creates coherence between the internal and external communication and, in addition, between media and message. It’s important that there’s a line between what you want to communicate and the way it’s received by the users.

The woman behind METAFOR, Pia Jønsson (right) facilitating a mentee (left), Photo: Kristian Djurhuus/Metroxpress)




METAFOR creates strong communication concepts, developed through a creative, inspiring and focused idea generation process. METAFOR makes room for innovation and includes new forms of communication – in terms of content as well as visually. In some cases a process of developing sketches, user scenarios and prototypes supports the joint exploration and understanding. In other cases, less will do.

In cooperation with the customer, METAFOR assesses the requirements for the level of information, the learning effect, look & feel, implementation and - not least - the user experience. METAFOR creates sustainable concepts that often integrate several media and exploits each medium’s specific capabilities.


METAFOR develops concepts and content for a wide range of media and purposes – from websites and print media to e-learning materials, video and presentation material. The fine line between the content, the visual communication and the interaction design is in focus, to let each media reinforce and complement the other under optium conditions.

When it comes to digital communication, METAFOR combines traditional narrative forms and ways of perceiving, communicating and learning with the interactive media tools and expressions – linguistically, visually and in terms of genre.


METAFOR edits and adjusts your company or organization’s existing content, ensuring that the language and genre fit your characteristics, appeal to the audience and create consistency with the visual expression.


Workshop & courses

Ghost writing
  • How to think out of the box without throwing out the baby with the bath water

  • The risk of getting lost in transformation - challenges and possibilities between print and pixels 

  • Bring new ideas in play and create successful transmedia communication concepts

  • How to create an integrated transmedia communication strategy – from print to social media

  • How to develop a strong company identity

  • How to create digital literature

  • How to create the right mental and physical conditions for your entrepreneurial life, based on Pia Jønssons book, aimed at independents; Rum til at arbejde (Børsens Forlag)


Ghost writing

Based on thorough research, interviews and data collection, METAFOR creates the the story of your company or organization.


Design & interaction design

In the creation of visual design, METAFOR cooperates with some of the best designers, graphic designers, web agencies, programmers, illustrators and film photographers in Denmark. METAFOR conducts tests of the design and interaction design from the beginning of the process.



METAFOR facilitates the promotion of your company or organization’s new initiatives – products as well as communication solutions. When marketing a website, we develop a strategy and a roll out plan. Digital and social marketing can be very effective and is most often less expensive than marketing through traditional media channels. Content marketing quite often the solution.

METAFOR works with a whole range of effective possibilities and composes traditional and digital resources, ensuring that the communication is aimed at the target audience and fits the values of your company or organization.

Advise to micro enterprices


METAFOR has almost 20 years of experience in coaching entrepreneurs and micro enterprises. Pia Jønsson has written the praised book “Rum til at arbejde” (2009) about creating the right mental and physical conditions for your entrepreneurial life. Pia also organizes workshops about the topics you need to consider to succeed as an professional entrepreneur.

'I have had the pleasure of working with Pia Jønsson in numerous occasions since 2009. Pia has been my external examiner for the Interaction Design and Service Design courses I have held every semester, as well as the examiner for various Master thesis in a variety of topics. Besides her sharp eye and dedication towards the exams, she raises relevant questions, which challenge the work done in the most positive and valuable angle turning the exam into a great exchange and experience. Pia is both knowledgeable in the research field as well as a talented graphic designer with many years of experience.'  


PhD Candidate/Lecturer, Culture, Aesthetics, Organisations and Society Group / Computer Games and Interaction Design, IT University, Copenhagen 


Pia Jønsson
Mail: pia(at)
Tel: + 45 21 94 32 06
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The woman behind

The woman behind


METAFOR, established in October 1999, is run by Pia Jønsson, who has worked in the field of strategic communication, content and visual aesthetics for printed and digital media since the early 1990s.

Pia is MA in Literature and Film & Media from the University of Copenhagen. Furthermore, she has spent one year as a guest student at the School of Architecture’s Department for Visual Communication.

Pia functions regularly as an external examiner at the IT-University of Copenhagen, The University of Copenhagen and other educational institutions and is a board member of Dansk-japansk Selskab, editor at the mgazine Italia Ja Tak, and mentor for entrepreneurs and immigrants.

Furthermore Pia has written end edited three books.

Foto: Anne Juel

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